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It was as a result of her lectures to history and other groups around Shropshire that Dorothy Nicolle was invited by the Frith Book Company to write for their national series of photographic books. Her first book was on Shropshire and there then followed a number of further books on the county and it's towns, together with others on Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Cheshire and the Black Country.

The success of these books encouraged Dorothy to branch out on her own so that she is now producing books under the Blue Hills Press imprint.

Shropshire Walks with Ghosts and Legends

Shropshire Walks with Ghosts and Legends

Shropshire is reputed to have more ghosts to the square mile than any other county in England. The 20 walks in this book will help you discover many ghost stories and legends along the way.

Each walk comes with detailed directions and clear maps. They range between 5 and 10 miles so that there are walks suitable for all the family.

ISBN: 978-0-9560293-8-6

Price: £9.99

Shropshire Walks with Ghosts and Legends pictures
All About Christmas book

All about Christmas

This book explains the magic and the myths of the Christmas season. Do you know why we decorate our houses with holly and mistletoe, go carol singing or eat turkey? When was the first Christmas? Who was Santa Claus? Who invented Christmas crackers? Why are robins so often featured on Christmas cards? Did the puritans really ban Christmas?

This book is delightfully illustrated with colourful cartoon-style pictures by Peter Clayton

ISBN: 978-0-9560-293-7-9

Price: £9.99

Christmas pictures
All About Pub Signs

All About Pub Signs

All About Pub Signs is the ideal book for anyone who has ever admired an attractive inn sign or has, perhaps, wondered about the origin of an unusual name.

In this book Dorothy explores the history of pubs and their names through the centuries. She also draws our attention to the incredible variety of signs waiting to be discovered up and down the country.

ISBN: 978-0-9560293-3-1

Price: £12.99

Various pub signs
Discovering Shropshire Towns

Discovering Shropshire Towns

Shropshire is a county rich in history. There are towns that existed in Roman times, Saxon settlements, Norman planned towns and late developers that grew as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Discovering Shropshire Towns explores this variety

There are walks in sixteen towns, suitable for both those who want an introduction to their history and also for those who live in Shropshire and already know something of the towns but perhaps need encouragement to explore further.

ISBN: 978-0-9560293-2-4

Price: £12.99

Various places in Shropshire
Shropshire Oddities

Shropshire's Oddities

Shropshire's Oddities is a personal selection of unusual things to be discovered all around the county. Dorothy Nicolle first became interested in oddities when she sought them out to show visitors as she was conducting her guided tours. Before long her search became an addiction. For Dorothy, discovering a new oddity is like winning a prize in a quirky type of treasure hunt and, once you have caught the bug, you will soon find yourself noticing your own oddities and seeing Shropshire with fresh eyes.

ISBN: 978-0-9548793-8-9

Price: £12.99

Oddities in Shropshire

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